Design Pressure: 6 bar
Heat Output: 4000-6000 kW
Efficiency: >92,0%
Available Certificates
Recommended Technologies


Main Applications
Commercial facilities
Residential buildings
Industrial heating systems
District heating
Sports centers
Swimming pools and water parks


Reverse flame fire tube heat boilers. Cylindrical furnace completely closed on the rear side by a convex bottom supported by a fully submerged stub. It can be used with forced draft burners for the operation on liquid or gaseous fuels. Designed for the use in systems with water temperature between 60 and 100°C.


Advanced management technology
The boiler can be equiped with programmable logic technology that allows complete compatibility with any data acquisition system, also allowing the adjustment of parameters through the display.
Maximum operating flexibility
Thanks to the very high water content and the very high thermal inertia, the boiler is suitable for any system solution, even in the most difficult operating conditions.
Efficiency at all costs
Integrated solutions for increased performance and efficiency through flue gas heat recovery fully integrated into the structure of the boiler.
Maximum security
The generator has been designed in accordance with the strictest international safety regulations in force.
Easy, fast and safe installation
The installation is very easy: you just need to connect the system to the electric, hydraulic, steam and discharge lines.


Hot Water Boiler Options
Model Heat output at 70°C 100% efficiency at 70°C 30% efficiency at 70°C H2O volume Empty weight
REX kW % % lt kg
400 4000 92,31 91,80 4450 7420
450 4500 92,50 91,90 4900 7920
500 5000 92,56 91,90 6200 9530
600 6000 92,59 91,90 6900 11330




Model H L L2 P P2 ØC N1 N2
REX mm mm mm mm mm mm DN/in DN/in
400 2326 1980 1780 4310 3596 600 200 200
450 2326 1980 1780 4660 3946 600 200 200
500 2529 2180 1980 4729 3948 650 250 250
600 2529 2180 1980 5261 4488 650 250 250


Standard Equipment
Instruments for pressure control, including:
Large dial 3 way test valve manometer
Instruments for temperature control, including:
Thermometer with large dial, scale 0-120°C
High temperature safety thermostat with manual reset (110°C)
PT100 thermocouple
Boiler control panel IP55 1/N ~ 230V 50 Hz:
The safety thermostat with manual reset (110°C) is INAIL approved
The boilers destined to foreign countries will be provided with:
High-pressure safety switch with manual reset
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