Blueflame Combustion has partnered with ICI Caldaie in Italy to bring high quality boilers and boiler spares to Botswana. We are the sole supplier of ICI Caldaie boilers in Botswana.
We offer mainly 2 types of boilers


Hot Water Boilers
Fire tube hot water boilers manufactured as either three-pass or reverse flame type, both with a characteristically high water volume.
These boilers are designed for use in industrial applications such as remote heating systems and large heating systems for hospitals, airports, malls and other types of residential facilities.
Our range includes boilers with power generation rates of between 2,500 and 20,000 kW.
Steam Boilers
Fire tube steam boilers manufactured as either three-pass or reverse flame type. The offer includes equipment for the production of instantaneous steam at low and high pressure.
All boilers can be combined with the global security systems (GSS) allowing them to be operated unmanned (up to 72 hours, i.e. arrangement 3.).
The steam generation rates are between 50 and 32,000 kg/h.
Please feel free to browse through our available ranges. All boilers are imported on placement of order. Typical delivery takes 8-10 Weeks.



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Hot Water Boilers


Steam Boilers

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